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I Want To Know My Options

Not sure what to do next? We recommend booking your free 15 minute consultation with our solicitors.  You’ll find out your options, next steps and costs. This is not a detailed legal consultation.

I Need A Solicitor

If you know what service you need, call our team on 01274 727373. We offer a flexible and affordable pricing model based on your needs. Ask our team about our hourly rates or view our fixed fee packages below.

What To Expect In Your First Meeting

When you’re ready to instruct us, we arrange this meeting in person, by phone or video call – it’s your choice. It is not the same as your free 15 minute consultation.

During the meeting, we’ll ask you for details about your situation and answer your questions. We’ll explain your options and outline the cost of your matter.

After the meeting, we’ll email you our Client Care Letter with information about how to make your first payment and which documents you need to provide. Download our SKB Document Checklist to view an example of commonly requested items.

Our Pricing Approach

We strive to be fair, transparent and competitive. We offer a range of fixed fee and hourly rate services.  As solicitors, our firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and we are members of the Law Society of England & Wales.

Fixed Fees: the price you pay is set in advance (that is the only charge you will pay regardless of the work involved).

Hourly Rates: based on the experience of our legal team and in line with Government guidance.

Whichever pricing model you need, we will always provide you an estimate before any work begins. You can also ask about our payment plans. 

Divorce – Fixed Fee

Strategy Session

Clients find this 60 minute session a helpful way to get detailed legal advice about their options, in particular about parenting or dividing finances.
£250 (+VAT)

File For Divorce (Sole or Joint Application)

When you need to apply to court to legally end your marriage.  Our Managed Divorce package is £750 (+VAT). We’ll handle everything for you – by phone, online or in person.
£750 (+VAT)

Clean Break Order 

This Order stops you or your spouse from making a financial claim against each other in the future. Eligibility: you do not have any joint assets and you both agree to the order.
£1500 (+VAT)


Clean Break Order

This Order stops you or your spouse from making a claim against each other in the future. It is useful if you do not have any joint assets and you both agree to the order.
£1500 (+VAT)

Divide Your Finances (if you both agree)

If you and your partner agree how to divide your finances, we will draft and submit all of the paperwork and court bundles for your Consent Order. 
£2000 (+VAT)

Negotiate your Financial Agreement (voluntary basis)

If you’re unable to agree how to divide your finances, we liaise and negotiate with the other party. This package is a useful way to reduce ongoing costs. 
£3000 (+VAT)

Roundtable Meeting

We offer the option of a Roundtable Meeting to negotiate finances or children’s matters. Please contact our team to discuss options and pricing. 

Additional Matters

We advise on a wide range of issues. Book your free 15 minute consultation to discuss your situation.

Islamic Divorce

Khula Application

We support you through the process and provide you legal advice on your options.

  • solicitor consultation
  • we work with you to draft the statement of fact, complete the application and liaise with the Shariah Council, vetted by our firm
  • confidential advice with support available anywhere in England & Wales; our team speak English, Urdu or Punjabi

Please note there is also a £250 application fee payable to the Shariah Council.

£600 (+VAT)

Immigration Services

Additional Legal Services

Single Will

£250 (+VAT)

Prenuptial Agreement

£2500 (+VAT)

Change of Name Deed

£250 (+VAT)


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