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Free 15 Minute Consultation

Speak to our legal team and find out your options, next steps and costs. Please note this is not a detailed consultation. If you need a document review or detailed legal advice, book our 60 minute Strategy Session.

60 Minute Divorce Strategy

A powerful, thoughtful and creative way to approach your divorce. In many cases, a plan of action can save you time or money in the long run. During this meeting, we can cover any issue relating to your divorce or separation. Let’s find a practical solution now.

First Client Consultation Meeting

We arrange this meeting when you’re ready to instruct SKB Law. It can be held in person, by phone or video call – it’s your choice.

During the meeting, we’ll complete our client intake form, ask for details about your situation and answer your questions. It is not the same as your free 15 minute consultation.

After the meeting, we’ll email you our Client Care Letter. You will also be asked to provide proof of identity. To help us get started, you can submit our family law new client intake form before the meeting.

Documents We May Need

Every case is different, but some items can help us get started with your case.

  • Proof of Identity –  we need to verify your identity [download our list];
  • Before our meeting, find any important paperwork.  If you are filing for a divorce, we will need a copy of your marriage certificate and the address of your spouse.
  • Make a list of your assets and liabilities. We need this for divorce applications or estate planning.

New Client Intake Form

To help us get started, you can complete our family law new client intake form online. Once we receive your form, our team will be in contact to arrange your client consultation and get working on your case. In many cases, once we have your paperwork, we can submit your divorce application within 48 hours.

Our Pricing

We design our services with you in mind and strive to be fair, transparent and competitive in our pricing approach. We offer a range of fixed fee and hourly rate services – and the option of personalised payment plans. As solicitors, our firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and we are members of the Law Society of England & Wales.

With our fixed fee service, the price you pay is set in advance (that is the only charge you will pay regardless of the work involved).  Our hourly rates are based on the experience of our legal team and in line with Government guidance.

Fixed Fee Divorce Services

60 Minute Divorce Strategy Session (know your options, plan your approach)
£250 + VAT
Managed Divorce (Filing a Divorce Application)
£750 + VAT
Divorce Response (Replying to Divorce Application)
£500 + VAT
Khula Application (Filing Application)
£600 + VAT
Roundtable Meeting (a private way to resolve differences)
Half or Full Day POE

Financial Proceedings

Zero Assets - Clean Break Order for future protection
£1500 + VAT
Prepare and File a Consent Order (when both parties have agreed the basis of the settlement)
£2000 + VAT

Not sure where you stand? Our 60 minute Divorce Strategy Session is powerful way to plan your next steps. Avoid lengthy delays and costs.

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