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You may be going through a divorce now, worried about separation or need support to coparent. This page aims to give you access to information and support to plan your next step.

Your goal is to reach an agreement about how you will coparent. It’s easier if you can do this between yourselves. We can make your agreement legally binding through a consent order. This makes it enforceable if your ex-spouse or civil partner changes their mind in the future.

We know it’s not always possible to agree. We can support you with mediation, negotiation or a roundtable meeting. It doesn’t have to be a battle and using a solicitor doesn’t mean you have to go court.

Divorce Strategy Session

Clients find this 60 minute session a helpful way to get detailed legal advice about their options, in particular about parenting or dividing finances.

These sessions are designed to help you plan your next steps and explore your options. We find that reaching an agreement early on can save you time and money in the end.

If you would us to review any documents, let our office know in advance. 

What Are My Options?

In this short video, Sarah explains the different court orders you can apply for in children’s matters. 

Popular Children’s Services

Child Arrangements

Agreeing on parenting issues is best for your children and can save you time, money and energy. We can help.

Seeing My Children

If you’re worried about not seeing your child or your contact has been stopped, call our team to find out your options. It’s doesn’t have to be a court application.

Moving Abroad

Do you want to move abroad with your child or stop your partner from moving abroad? You may need a court order. Book a free 15 minute consultation.

Other Issues

We advise on a wide range of issues. Please contact our team if you’d like to discuss any other matter relating to your children.

Commonly Asked Questions

We Want to Keep It Friendly

As members of Resolution, our goal is to help you reach an agreement with your partner. It doesn’t have to be a battle. We help you plan your next steps and explore your options. We find that reaching an agreement about parenting or financial issues can save you time and money in the end.

What issues should I think about?

When your relationship ends, here’s some of the issues you may need to agree on:

  • where the children will live
  • how much time they’ll spend with each parent
  • how you’ll financially support your children

If You Agree

It’s always best if you and your partner can agree these issues together. A law firm can make your agreement legally binding.

If You’re Unable To Agree

You have several options available. You may wish to consider writing a parenting plan, mediation, arbitration, or a round-table meeting. We can advise you on all options and offer a free 15 minute consultation. Speak to our team on 01274 727373. 

Court action should be a last resort when a case involves children. If you do need to apply to the court, or if the court process has already begun, we can provide urgent advice and representation.

You may also find this ‘Parenting Through Separation Guide‘ guide from Resolution helpful.

What Court Order Do I Need?

Where possible, court action should be a last resort when a case involves children. If you do need to apply to the court, or if the court process has already begun, we can provide urgent advice and representation.

There are a number of options available to you.

  • A Child Arrangements Order will ask the court to decide on issues relating to contact and visitation
  • A Prohibited Steps Order can be used to ask the court to stop contact with a certain person

To find out your options, book our free 15 minute consultation on 01274 727373. 

You may find our free family law guide about Child Arrangements helpful.


I need to stop my partner from seeing our child
There are a number of legal options available to you, including a court order.  Please call our team to book your free 15 minute consultation on 01274 727373.

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We offer advice and support anywhere in England & Wales. We know many of our clients prefer the privacy and discretion of online advice, so we invest in the latest digital software and encryption.

Get advice by phone, video or in-person at our offices in London and Bradford.  When you use SKB Law, you’ll access digital forms, online payment methods, personalised care  and court representation anywhere in England or Wales.

We work with your budget

We think you’ll find our pricing is fair, transparent and competitive. Many of our legal packages are fixed fees (the price you pay is set in advance). If your case is more complicated or you have a set budget, we may suggest our hourly rate services.

Our fees are in line with Government guidance. And you have peace of mind that our work is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Even though I was based in London, SKB Law were extremely sensitive, vigilant and thorough with my divorce proceedings. I had a devious and tricky ex, so it was incredibly stressful. SKB were very understanding and supportive as I was very nervous and emotional, this made me feel very supported and empowered. I’m super happy with my result and will certainly be returning to them for any future advice and have already recommended them to others.

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My first experiance with SKB law was very good. I was greeted by very Polite, curteous young woman by the name of Mahnoor, she listened very calmly to my whole situation and advised me accordingly.  It was a totally diffrent experiance to what i had earlier that day with a Birmingham based Law firm earlier that day but Mahnoor service would definately recommend and if all staff members at SKB law are the same its a winning firm. Mahnoor was not the pushy Solicitor telling to to book into a consultation which would cost you hundreds of pounds but handled things more ethnically so well done Mahnoor ambassador for SKB law.

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Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

SKB law are very professional and efficient, I have used them on a few occasions, on family and immigration related matters.I feel the attention to detail is on point, together with the level of service and communication received. I have never been disappointed and would definitely recommend them to friends and family. Keep up the good work.

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