The Family Matters Podcast

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Divorce lawyer Sarah explores the issues, taboos and realities of divorce and separation in the South Asian community. 

In 2023, we released our second season of Family Matters. Our third season will be a series of south asian divorce stories. If you’d like to take part, please contact our office.

You can listen to Seasons 1 and 2 now.

  • Episode 1 – When You Know It’s Over. Sarah talks to her first client Fozia Naseem about when you know it’s over and how to deal with “lok kya kehange”.
  • Episode 2 – Why Do Divorced People Look So Happy? Sarah talks to Laaleen Sukhera about blended families, the Nikah Nama and celebrating divorce! We hope you enjoy the episode.
  • Episode 3 – Men, Mental Health and Mother-in-Laws. Sarah talks to therapist Imran Manzoor about fatherhood, fast cars, the relationship between sons and mothers…and living life on your terms.
  • Episode 4 – We’ll Always Be A FamilySarah talks to documentary producer Sally Ogden about her experience coparenting her daughter. 
  • Episode 5 – Show Me The MoneySarah talks to forensic accountant Zachary Iqbal. Forensic accountants follow the money – they trace assets, value businesses and interrogate the accounts. If you suspect your partner of undervaluing or hiding asssets, listen to this episode!
  • Episode 6 – Child Bride to City ChampionSarah talks to Inayah Sher. Married at five years old, sent to Pakistan at fourteen years old, released from two years’ house arrest at sixteen years old and a mother at eighteen years old. This is the incredible story of Inayah Sher.
  • Episode 7 – Welcome Back to Season 2. Welcome back to Season 2 of Family Matters, the podcast by Sarah Khan-Bashir. In this season, Sarah talks to some amazing guests, including a matchmaker, a make up artist and a mediator. Our first episode begins with Sarah sharing why she started the podcast and how she hopes we can shift the conversation around divorce and separation.
  • Episode 8 – Love Practically: Divorce Lawyer Sarah chats to matchmaker Adeem Younis. What happens when a matchmaker meets a divorce lawyer? In this episode Sarah chats to Adeem Younis, award-winning founder of, the world’s leading matchmaking site for Muslims.  Between them, they’ve helped thousands of couples at the start or end of their relationship. In this special conversation, they share their advice on finding love, marriage trends and why having uncomfortable conversations are so important to healthy relationships. 
  • Episode 9 – Lenghas, Loans and Lamborghinis: Sarah chats to MUA Zahida Ashraf. With over 126million posts on Instagram alone, it’s no secret, weddings and bridal make up are a huge industry. In this episode Sarah chats to award-winning make up artist Zahida Ashraf about marriage trends, life after the Lamborghinis and why you need to protect yourself financially before your wedding. 
  • Episode 10 – Trauma, Healing and Marriage: Sarah chats to Dr. Hafeez Ahmed. If you’ve listened to Family Matters, you’ll know that Sarah usually talks to guests about divorce or separation. In this episode Sarah talks to Dr. Hafeez Ahmed, a UK-based dentist about the impact of childhood trauma on his marriage.  Dr Ahmed offers candid reflections about his journey and how processing his trauma started a journey of healing himself and his marriage.
  • Episode 11 – Mortgages, Remortgages and Gifts: Sarah chats to mortgage brokers Pam and Aman. Your home is often one of the biggest assets you own. And your mortgage might be your largest debt. So it makes sense that one of the biggest questions people have when they split up is…what happens to the home? In this episode, Sarah chats to mortgage brokers Pam and Amandeep about how they help their South Asian clients buy, sell or remortgage a home. They touch on some of the practical considerations around buying your first home after a divorce, including what it means for your credit rating, advice for older buyers and whether your family can help you with a deposit. 
  • Episode 12 – What You Need To Know About Mediation: Sarah chats to Derek Mason. Did you know that when you make an application for a court order in relation to many types of family law disputes, you must show the court that you attended a mediation meeting?   
    In this episode, Sarah chats to experienced mediator, Derek Mason about the role of mediation in divorce and asks whether we need more culturally responsive mediators? They explore recurring themes in family breakdowns such as power struggles and parenting rights and offer guidance for anyone going through divorce or separation.

Thank you for listening. 


What Makes This Podcast Unique?

“While there are some great podcasts out there that take a broad look at the reality of divorce…Family Matters by SKB Law delves deep into the experience of the South Asian community in the UK, and the cultural and practical implications and consideration of divorce therein.”

– Erica Mills ‘ Law Podcasts: 5 Great Access to Justice Podcasts’

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Family Matters

23 years ago, I helped my first client, Fozia, with her divorce. 23 years later, Fozia joins me as the first guest on my new podcast, Family Matters. 

Every month, join me as I chat to guests about divorce, separation and moving on.  Listen to conversations about coparenting, breaking the news to your family, or dealing with the stigma of divorce. We’ll share insights about planning a divorce, protecting your finances or looking after your mental health. I hope Family Matters offers practical advice but also shifts the conversation and stigma around divorce and separation. Raw, inspirational, heartfelt and sometimes funny, this is a podcast for anyone in need of some advice and hope.  

The show is hosted by Sarah and produced by Mandip. Thank you for listening.