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The Family Matters Podcast

Divorce lawyer Sarah answers questions, tackles taboos and chats to guests about their experiences of separating, divorcing, moving on and much more.

About Family Matters

23 years ago, I helped my first client, Fozia, with her divorce.  23 years later, Fozia joins me as the first guest on my new podcast, Family Matters. 

Every month, join me as I chat to guests about divorce, separation and moving on.  Listen to conversations about coparenting, breaking the news to your family, or dealing with the stigma of divorce. We’ll share insights about planning a divorce, protecting your finances or looking after your mental health. I hope Family Matters offers practical advice but also shifts the conversation and stigma around divorce and separation. Raw, inspirational, heartfelt and sometimes funny, this is a podcast for anyone in need of some advice and hope.  

The show is hosted by Sarah and produced by Mandip. Thank you for listening. 

New Episodes Monthly

approximately 30 minutes long

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Latest Episode

Men, Mental Health and Mother-in-laws

Sarah talks to therapist Imran Manzoor about fatherhood, fast cars, the relationship between sons and mothers…and living life on your terms. We hope you enjoy our conversation.

Season 1, Episode 3    |    33min

Episode 2 – Why Do Divorced People Look So Happy?

Sarah talks to Laaleen Sukhera about blended families, the Nikah Nama and celebrating divorce! We hope you enjoy the episode.

Episode 1 – When You Know It’s Over

For our first episode, Sarah talks to her first client Fozia Naseem, now the co-founder of Hop-On. We talk about when you know it’s over and how to deal with “lok kya kehange”.

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