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Change of name FAQs - skblawfirm.co.uk

Your handy guide to changing your name – adults and children.

How long does it take for a Change of Name Deed?

The Deed can be prepared very quickly if required. SKB Law are able to prepare a Deed within a week. Contact the family line team on 01274 727373

I want to change my child’s surname, can I?

A child’s surname is important as it is part of the child’s identity. A child’s parents can jointly act and have the right to name and re-name their child. The process is simple and is done by the parents signing a Change of Name Deed.

In circumstances where parents are separated and one parent wishes to change a child’s surname, whether they can do so depends on whether only that parent has Parental Responsibility for the child. The one parent with Parental Responsibility does have the right to change their child’s surname without the other parents consent. However it is accepted practice that a parent should be contacted about the wish to change their child’s name. In situations like this, a solicitor would normally contact the parent.

Where both parents have Parental Responsibility, then if one wishes to change the child’s surname then there must be consent from the other. Again a solicitor will write to a parent asking for consent to change a name. If consent is given then a Change of Name Deed can be prepared.

If parents are not able to agree on a child’s surname then an application may have to be made to Court for a decision on what the child should be called. SKBLAW are experienced family law specialists in disputes concerning children and can advise in detail of the options available to parents in these circumstances. Contact the family line team on 01274 727373

I wish to change my surname, can I?

An adult can call themselves what they like subject to certain specific limitations. The most usual request is for a surname change although there can be a complete change of name. Changing a name is a relatively easy process and can be done by a Change of Name Deed. A very common situation for a change of surname is a wife reverting back to her maiden name following a divorce. However, there are other occasions when for a variety of reasons a person may wish to have a change of name.

The important issue is having an appropriately drafted document which is evidence of the change of name for identification purposes. This will need to be produced when applying to change details on a passport, a driving licence, at a bank, etc.

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