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Delivering Digitally: the legal technology we’re using to support clients

Legal Tech has to be one of the hottest topics right now at virtual water coolers in law firms across the UK and beyond.  Firms are adapting faster than ever to remote hearings, virtual client meetings and signing documents electronically. As much as we love tech at SKB Law, we know it’s not always easy finding the right legal technology for your firm. So to help others and pay it forward (we’ve received some great recommendations from friends – thanks Rachel Roche), we wanted to share our firm’s ‘legal tech stack’ below. This is a difficult time for everyone, so if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch – we’d love to help if we can.  We have to add that this isn’t an advertisement* – we haven’t received any funding. *We’re just an enthusiastic bunch who love legal tech and the customer service these companies are providing us!  

SKB Law’s Legal Tech Stack
  1. Cloud Storage – one of the best decisions we ever made was choosing Clio last year. We love it and the team so much, you’ll find our founder Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE singing their praises on the Law Society’s website. Not only do our clients gain a secure communications portal, but cloud-storage means lockdown hasn’t locked us out of our files! Even before the pandemic, using Clio meant we could work flexibly and track progress and finances via the app. Why choose them: simplify file storage, manage work remotely, data encryption, GDPR / SRA compliant – we could go on!
  2. E-Signature and AML checks – With lockdown e-signature’s are essential. We needed to find a new provider and following research and recommendations, we’ve had a wonderful induction with InfoTrack’s team this week (thanks Lisa and Toni). It’s a quick process – from our first call to sign up took approximately 30 minutes and because InfoTrack is integrated with Clio, it’s been seamless. We’ve already sent our first documents to clients; they receive the item as a regular email with no portal or log-in required.   Bonus: it’s free to sign up now, their e-signature service SIGNIT is free until the end of May! 
  3. Office Management / Team Collaboration – we have Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Most of you will be familiar so we’ll not say more.
  4. VOIP Phone Systems – we use Birmingham Telecom. We installed new phone systems last year to upgrade our existing service. With COVID-19, it means we’ve been able to unplug from the office and plug-in at home – no disruptions to our service! Plus, their App mean we have a work phone on the go.
  5. Remote Reception – we use the The Answer Centre. This is a new service for our office – one which we’ve joined to help cover the phones and support the team during lockdown. So far, so good – friendly professional team who are happy to help!
  6. Court Hearings – like many of you, we’ve installed BtMeetMe to participate in remote court hearings.
  7. Conferences and Meetings – we’re using Microsoft Teams and Zoom (no fun backgrounds as yet!)
  8. E-Bundles – we’d love to hear your recommendations!


Stay tuned for more. If you have any tech suggestions we’d love to hear from you. Please email our office on [email protected] or connect with us on Twitter @skblawfirm  

*SKB Law is a modern family law firm with award-winning social impact. We support clients across England & Wales with divorce, separation, children’s matter, finances, wills and immigration. Get in touch to book your free 30 minute consultation today – 01274 727373*


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