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Islamic Marriage, English Divorce

Our founder Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE is quoted in the Arab News about the rising divorce rates among British Muslim communities. You can find the full article here.

The article reports that:

“a 2017 survey by Channel 4 of 1,000 British Muslim women found that almost two-thirds had a nikah-only marriage and that more than a quarter did not realise this meant they would be denied rights and protections they would have had for a marriage union that was legally recognised. For these women, the discovery can be “devastating,” said Sarah Khan-Bashir, a lawyer specializing in sharia divorce. “They think they’ve got all the rights that husbands and wives should have, but they don’t, and they find out when it’s far too late.” One client faced losing her home after her husband of 23 years died as she was unable to produce proof that he had divorced his first wife. Khan-Bashir had to explain to her that she was effectively a cohabitee with a nikah, news that left the client shaking visibly.”

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