New Book Alert: “Understanding Your Rights: An Essential Guide to the Nikah Nama” by Sarah Khan-Bashir

An essential guide for any well-informed couple.

Aug 29, 2023 | Blogs, Divorce, My Nikah, News


‘Understanding Your Rights’ is a comprehensive guide to the Nikah Nama. Whether you’re preparing for your Nikah or seeking clarity on your rights, this book is an essential read. Now available on Amazon.

Introducing ‘Understanding Your Rights: An Essential Guide to the Nikah Nama’

Are you planning your Nikah and not sure about your rights? Do you know there are different types of Islamic Marriage Contract?  This book is designed for couples as they plan their nikah, explaining your rights and protections under a Nikah Nama.  More than that, Sarah hopes it helps you start a conversation with your partner about your life together.  

Meet the author: Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE

Experienced solicitor and the driving force behind SKB Law, Sarah specialises in South Asian and Islamic divorce issues. Her deep insights into Nikah marriages have given her recognition both nationally and internationally. Featured on platforms like Channel 4 and Arab News, Sarah is an advocate for inclusive family law services and is a sought-after speaker at legal events. She is also host of “Family Matters,” a top-rated UK podcast exploring divorce stories in South Asian communities.

Why This Nikah Rights Guide Stands Out

Drawing from her extensive experience as a family lawyer, Sarah Khan-Bashir addresses the important questions surrounding Nikah rights.  Released in August 2023, the book is one of Amazon’s Hottest New Releases, listed in the Top 10 of Family & Health Law books and gaining 5 star reviews

  • Expert insights from one of the UK’s leading family law experts.

  • Practical advice to foster open conversations with your partner.

  • Detailed breakdown of Nikah Nama and its clauses.

  • Strategies to protect your rights effectively.

What You’ll Find Inside the Guide

Sarah’s guide is divided into three sections:

  • Understanding the Nikah Nama: From the different types of Islamic Marriage Contract to the concept of an Islamic Prenuptial.

  • How To Complete Your Nikah Nama: Master the art of customising your Nikah Nama and confidently navigate its 25 clauses.

  • Protecting Your Rights: Discover four ways to protect your rights and engage in meaningful discussions with your partner about your life together.

Where To Get Your Copy

For a comprehensive understanding of the Nikah Nama and its associated rights, “Understanding Your Rights: An Essential Guide to the Nikah Nama” is what you’ve been waiting for.  Available now on Amazon.

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