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Ep1 of Legal Stories by SKB Law – Jack Newton in conversation with Nimra and Liberty

Welcome to the first episode of Legal Stories by SKB Law!!  Stay tuned for a new episode every Wednesday. In our first episode, Liberty Chinoda and Nimra Khayal chat with Jack Newton. Find out what they say on legal tech, daily routines and opportunities for law graduates!


Jack Newton is the co-founder and CEO of Clio, a cloud-based legal software company. He’s also the author of The Client-Centred Law Firm. Follow him on Twitter @jack_newton
We’re grateful to our two interviewers. Liberty Chinoda, a law student at the University of Bradford. And Nimra Khayal, a PPE student at King’s College, London.  After the interview, the team at Clio gave Nimra and Liberty passes to this week’s Clio’s 2020 Conference. Thank you – such a lovely surprise!  
We hope you enjoy watching the conversations as much as we loved recording them. Legal Stories by SKB Law connects law students with legal professionals. The series is in response to the number of legal placements cancelled this year due to COVID-19. We invited five law students from across the country to interview professionals. Thank you to the students, solicitors, judges, legal technologists, barristers and more who joined our first series! It’s a pleasure to share their stories, positivity and career journeys. Find out more about our SKB Law Academy or follow us on Twitter.

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