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Sarah makes her podcast debut on Divorced Muslim Dad

Like many people, we’ve thought about starting a podcast for a while. With a little encouragement and support from Imran Azam (aka Divorced Muslim Dad), we’re excited to share Sarah’s debut on his podcast!  If you’ve not heard of Imran before, check out his podcast Divorced Muslim Dad.

Listen to his latest episode, ‘Will your lawyer talk to God?’ with Sarah here.

Here’s an outline of the episode.

Will your lawyer talk to God? ?‍⚖️?‍⚖️

In this episode I speak with Sarah Khan Bashir, a Muslim lawyer based in the UK. Sarah runs SKB Law; a specialist Family Law firm providing services to the Muslim and South East Asian community. Its a fascinating meandering conversation where we shoot the breeze about:

– Whether you really need to get lawyers involved when splitting up
– Why Muslims are getting divorced these days
– Intra-family marriage dynamics
– What ‘Vata Sata’ is (?!)
– Navigating the grey area between therapy and legal advice
– Balancing commercial goals vs providing a community service

Sarah was super to speak with and I hope you get something from our discussion.


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